Elegant Black & Purple Corset

Figure An Hourglass Shape

The front was very flat due to high Corsets UK restraining the bust. These cramped the waist and gave the Figure An Hourglass Shape. This gave birth to great debates concerning the benefits and disadvantages of Corsets UK which in turn led to a far-reaching debate on the injustice of the female condition. Some protagonists, such as Amalia Bloomer (an American journalist), attempted to introduce practical clothing made up of a short tunic worn over trousers, but it was judged to be ridiculous. Female clothing continued to accentuate curves.

In the 1880s the front of the silhouette became more and more visible due to Corsets UK with long metallic stiffeners that flattened the belly and compressed the breasts and hips.

The woman of 1880-1905 underwent physical distortion to achieve an “S”-shaped figure. Her chest was pushed out in front while hips and buttocks were pushed out behind. The bust was low, full and with no division between the breasts which made them very obvious, an effect sometimes accentuated by false breasts made of chamois leather, quilted satin or rubber. The Parisian bustle lifted the buttocks and accentuated the curve of the hip. This new curvy silhouette is reflected in Art Nouveau lines.

In the face of this new, sinuous silhouette, new forms of Corsets UK revealing the thorax made their appearance, like those designed by Doctor Franz Glénard and Mme Gaches-Sarraute (a Corsets UK maker with a medical background). They supported the abdomen without compressing it and let the chest and diaphragm breathe. This idea was continued by the appearance of Anglo-Saxon anti-corset leagues that aimed at making clothing more practical. Eventually, the authorities in several countries opposed the use of the Corsets UK. This fight against the corset (restricting women’s bodies had long been associated with maintaining tradition) was echoed in the English Suffragette movement that campaigned to give women more rights.

The “S” line was less popular after 1907 and simpler silhouettes took over. Figures took on a more Empire shape with high waists, flattened busts and narrow hips, making a woman look like a tube. This new fashion marked the end of lacing in order to reduce the waist, but it needed the hips and buttocks to be flattened and thus necessitated wearing a corset low on the hips with a flat, rigid front. The bust was shaped due to the invention of the brassiere (bra)13. Slenderness was still all the rage, as confirmed by Vogue in 1922: “the pursuit of slimness is one of the chief labours of the modern woman” 14.

This liberty of the body was encouraged in shows in which the artists’ bodies performed freely on stage. These shows were very popular and included the Russian Ballet which performed at the Châtelaine Theater in Paris in 1909 and the performances of the dancer Isadora Duncan. The fashion designers Paul Poiret, Madeleine Vionnet and Nicole Groult were aware of these developments and helped suppress sinuous figure shapes.

These innovations were taking place at the same time as the new craze for Latin-American dances (such as the Tango and the Charleston) that required freedom of body movement. In addition, the emergence of the middle class with its demand for more functional dress for the purpose of work contributed to simpler shapes. The First World War simplified these shapes even more and ruled out volume.

Nevertheless, only the intrepid and the slimmest abandoned the Corsets UK: as for the others, their use of the garment was reduced and indiscernible. Women wore dresses which reached to the knee and did not accentuate bust or waist. In the 1920s, there was no question of having a full bust. Like the Romans, women wore bodices or long Bra Sets with no relief which flattened the breasts.

At the end of the decade, curves began to return: the bust was defined and accentuated and had to be supported by boning. Kestos, for example, launched the new idea of the bra as a non-restrictive control garment, because any corsetry that was still worn had to be less restrictive. The human anatomy was beginning to be understood better and corsetry started to follow the natural lines of the body.

Elegant Black & Purple Corset

Our Price: £24.95
Sizes:- UK Size 6-8, 8-10, 10-12
Product Details
Grab this high quality Elegant Black & Purple Corset designed in a way so you can wear it outside with jeans or skirt. This corset is designed with purple lace trim, lace up at the back, zipper on side, boning, and under wired padded cups that makes this Womens Lingerie look even hotter.

Beauty Desires is one of the UK’s most popular websites for buying Womens Lingerie, Corsets UK and Clubwear UK stocked products online. You can get online advice about all things relating from our highly trained staff who are always available and happy to help. The Products details are:-

1. Black Corset With Iridescent Crystal Bead Trim & Thong :- Reel him in with your eyes of sin in this Sexy Black Corset With Iridescent Crystal Bead Trim . This Beautiful Womens Lingerie piece features a satin corset with removable iridescent crystal bead trim, removable shoulder straps, hook and eye closure and matching thong.

2. Elegant Black & Purple Corset:- Grab this high quality Elegant Black & Purple Corset designed in a way so you can wear it outside with jeans or skirt. This corset is designed with purple lace trim, lace up at the back, zipper on side, boning, and under-wired padded cups that makes this Womens Lingerie look even hotter.

3. Pink Lace Up Corset:- Wear this sexy Pink Lace Up Corset with jeans and skirt and be the talk of the town. Attached with adorable black bow accents, hidden side hook and eye closure, lace-up back this corset looks more hot. This Womens Lingerie comes with matching thong.

4. Strapless Front Zipper Corset:- This Strapless Front Zipper Corset is very first choice for every women. This Corsets with front zipper closure, ribbon detailing and sexy lace-up back is giving special touch this Womens Lingerie.

5. Lace up Floral Corset:- With Lace up Floral Black, This Lace up Floral Corset you look even hotter and attractive. This comfortable fit corset is designed for every women with G-String Included with this leather Womens Lingerie set.

6. Satin & Mesh Bustier Corset:- This Satin & Mesh Bustier Corset looks stunner featuring flirty ruffles and bow accents. This Sexy Corset set includes a pink satin and black mesh bustier with black lace overlay detail, ruffled hem accent, attached garter straps and matching Women’s Lingerie (g-string).

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